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ABOUT THE SELECTED IMAGE: I could watch these gals all day. Adding chickens to the farm last year was a highly anticipated and essential step in what I’m sure will be our eternal journey towards healthy sustainability as both a farm organism and a business. Hens contribute immensely to the farm dynamic; as we rotate them through our growing fields they drop fertilizer everywhere, eat up unwanted weed seeds, eliminate insect pests and of course– provide delicious eggs. At the farmers market, customers hold fresh eggs as an icon of what food should be, and I can always rely on them as a surefire sway for folks unsure of the legitimacy (or need) of a local source of fresh food. Those gold yolks come to represent a real connection to something solid, a farm and a life they can picture clearly. They become a tangible symbol of honesty, intention and health. Plus, nothing beats watching these little dinosaurs run around at the end of the day.

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